Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sit down and shut up! (I'm completely nadered!)

(Left this message on the Ralph Nader website, upon learning that His Screwiness has deigned to allow the American Public to vote for him for President again this year.)

Ralph Nader should get into a 1961 Corvair and drive himself off of a cliff. I can't believe his supreme ego that he's the only person pure enough to be president is going to lead him to fuck up another election. He has gone from being a valuable and respected force for good to being a joke, a bad joke, at the entire world's expense.

He can't be elected, he won't be elected, he knows he won't be elected, but he will once again attempt to attract votes from independent and democratic voters, to swing the election to another republican. Good ol' Ralph surely made things better for the whole country by running for president in 2004 and 2000, didn't he?

How much money are the republicans secretly pouring into his campaign anyway?

I used to admire Nader. Now I am disgusted. No, beyond disgusted, into some compotation of frustration, disgust, disdain, disrespect, and anger that has no name yet. Maybe it should be called nadered? Yes, I am completely nadered up, or perhaps out.

I hope that one of you zealot/supplicants will get some sense and prevail upon your beloved shaman to sit himself the hell down.

No, it isn't the most eloquent thing I've ever penned. See what happens when I get so nadered up?


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