Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dave and the Whales

My friend Dave is once again sailing with the Greenpeace ship Esperanza, shadowing the Japanese whaling fleet on their annual whale hunt. Here's his latest dispatch:

The Esperanza is currently heading south, and the weather is getting warmer. On Sunday morning, the Japanese whaling fleet left its home port of Shimonoseki, and did the 10 hours transit out to the open sea, south of Japan. As they slipped out through rather hectic shipping lanes, they switched off their Automated Identification Systems (AIS) and went into cover - we see this as being proof that they think they can't be too upfront about what they their dodgy whaling business. They used naval vessels as decoys - not sure how the taxpayers feel about that.

Right now, we're getting shadowed by a coastguard vessel (we can't see it) and we're looking for the fleet.

If you want to follow the story, the Greenpeace site will have frequent updates. Last year's voyage also yielded some great photographs of the sea life of the antarctic.

Other articles on the subject:

Dialing for Whales: You can encourage other world leaders to get on Japan's case about this.

Good luck, Dave! (And the rest of you can send him fan-mail if you like.)


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