Saturday, August 25, 2007

My friend Seth and a Mystery

My old buddy Seth wants you to call him “Austin.” No that's not the mystery, it's just his thing. The mystery is Blood and Bone — one of his Hannibal Jones novels. Hannibal Jones is a private detective in the classic mode, a self-styled “trouble-shooter” and... well, let “Austin” himself explain it. He's just put up a completely shameless video of himself at Youtube, plugging Blood and Bone. You should immediately go to and see it for yourself. And then, of course, you should buy the book. It's a good read, with plenty of suspense, and a whole lot o' that surprise-ending stuff. Hannibal is a pretty tough cookie, you know the kind — a man who, as someone once said, “won't cop out, when there's danger all about.” He (Austin, not Hannibal) has asked me to help him “go viral” by sending a note about his new video to everyone on my mailing list, and asking them to do likewise. But as someone who has been crusading against internet chain-letters since before modern spam was invented, I can't do that. But I can plug him here, at my blog, which you are reading right now, unless you've already jumped the gun and gone to, in which case you haven't read this far yet. No, that's fine. I'll just hang around until you get back. Hmmm.... hmmm.... uh... look, I'll stop back in later, okay.


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