Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"It can all turn on a dime..."

I was just looking at the first entry I ever posted to this blog. It concerned a piece in The Nation comparing Bill Moyers and Rush Limbaugh, and it's worth excerpting here today:

It can all turn on a dime. The mob has always been fickle. Rush can be the Voice of the People today, and an odd historical curiousity tomorrow. How to make that change? Find every outlet and every way to talk to working people about their jobs, their debts, their fears, hopes, and ideals.

We're not against Bush because he's a smug smarmy smirky ignorance-peddling son of privilege (okay, well we *are*) but more importantly because his policies are screwing up the lives of all kinds of people all over the country, and the world. We're not against Rush because he's an abusive hubristic gas-bag (okay, well we *are*) but because he's misleading people, distracting them away from the causes of the difficulties and dangers to their own lives and well-being.

Moyers has been a resource for helping the already politically-aware, as is The Nation. But Rush is reaching a huge audience that hasn't made the connection between the powers-that-be and the conditions of their own lives. That's the gap that the useless big-media teevee evening news, local and national, isn't filling. That's the missing piece.

If the people catch wise, it's all over for Rush and company.

Well how 'bout that?

Here's another quote. It's from Annie Kinsella (Amy Madigan) in the movie Field of Dreams:

There you go. America, I love you. I'm proud of you.


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