Friday, August 15, 2008

I miss old time radio...

“...Live from the Rump Roast Room of the Hotel Electric, City Biscuit Bakeries — makers of Rustler's Oak-Tree Cremes, the unexpected flavor that Takes You Out Of This World, and Crocker's Golden Donuts, the familiar family favorite that Always Brings You Home Again — are proud to present an hour of fine musical entertainment with Commodore Reginald Starcher and his Blue Suit Civilian Orchestra, featuring the vocal stylings of Miss Kitty Wilt.

“Here they are with an exotic number from down South America way, No Thank You, Jerome, I Don't Care to Tango....

*   *   *

“And now, Martin Cross-Hyde and the City Biscuit Social Orchestra ask the music question, Is that a Smile in Your Pajamas, or Has the Moon Come Out to Play?...”

...and I'm not even old enough to remember it.


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